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PMC specializes in metal fabrication and manufacturing of high quality precision 
machined components, exclusively built to fit all of your business needs. 


PMC provides cost effective machining services, with the highest quality and fast deliveries. 

Precision CNC Machining & Metal Fabrication 

Power Machined Components is a multifunctional machine shop offering full services from prototype development, to manufacturing, to post production and delivery. Based out of Toronto, our highly skilled team offers 20 years of manufacturing experience. PMC proudly services both Canada and the United States. 


Reliability and efficiency is key to our success. Based on years of experience in the machining industry, we have mastered the art of manufacturing small to large, metal and plastic precision parts. 


It is our policy to drive our business based on the success of our clients. Our focus is to support all of your product requirements and to ensure that our capabilities will deliver the highest quality product at the best price and service!


All parts are produced using certified material and are inspected regularly to ISO quality. Our advanced inspection equipment for testing and quality control ensures that the dimensions and finishes meet your requirements.

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